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Nothing frustrates subordinates more than feeling they are smarter than their superiors. I know this firsthand because I had a boss that couldn’t spell and instead of asking one of us “peons” to correct his spelling, his memos went out to the masses uncorrected. While we whispered behind his back and wondered aloud how he managed to obtain his position, the morale in the office was low. Had he asked for our help, we would have been happy to oblige, but instead of honing his executive vocabulary to match his elite position, he walked around like a know-it-all, crushing any respect we might have had for him in the beginning.

Often, executives have so much on their plates they simply don’t have time to pay attention to things like spelling, vocabulary building and grammar, and why should they when they have secretaries and assistants to polish their correspondence? However, most people communicate at about the same level in both oral and written communication so if your corporate terminology is lacking in the written word, chances are it is lacking when you speak to others as well.

Most underlings don’t correct executives and for good reason. However, your executive vocabulary doesn’t stop at the office door. It goes to the golf course, it travels through your cell phone and it doesn’t take a break even for the most important of business meetings. Are you making the impression you want to? If not, you can do yourself a huge favor by building your vocabulary, which you can do in private and in only minutes per day.

The evolution of educational software, such as the kind that you can use on your home or office computer has transformed countless lives because people who don’t have the time or money for formal education can learn at home at their own pace. For example, Ultimate Vocabulary, which is a type of educational software that will boldly enhance your communication skills, has taken the business world by storm. Employees who have never held a corporate position before have reported enormous success by using this software at home, in their spare time, to enhance their vocabulary and build their business skills. In addition, corporate executives, who might be too embarrassed or too busy to attend formal classes have transformed their whole way of communicating with others by using this program.

Even if you already have the job or position you want, you can greatly improve your effectiveness by improving your executive vocabulary. Whether you’re on the golf course or in the boardroom, the way in which you communicate can indeed make or break important business deals. Consider the impact your enhanced verbal and written skills can have on your professional and personal life and invest in your future today.

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