Ambiguity (Noun)

Something that is unclear

“The ambiguity in his voice made Rachel wonder if her boyfriend really meant it when he said he loved her.”


Diabolical (Adjective)


“Amy didn’t rob the store because she needed the money; she robbed it because she is diabolical.”


Revisionist (Noun)

Someone who revises, especially political or religious doctrine

The revisionist wouldn’t be happy until he had brought everyone around to his way of thinking.”


Querulous (Adjective)


It was so hot outside, the entire group was querulous.”


Vaporous (Adjective)

Formed of vapor; foggy

“It’s too vaporous to drive very far.”


Capacious (Adjective)


“I chose my apartment because of the capacious closets.”


Anomaly (Noun)

Something that is odd or strange

It was an anomaly to see father home during the day.”


Repellent (Adjective)


The idea of eating raw fish is repellent to some.”


Vacillate (Verb)

To change one’s mind

Some people vacillate but when Al Gore did it, he was said to have waffled.”


Arbitrary (Adjective)

Determined by whim or chance

“The judge could not sentence the convicted man to an arbitrary prison term; he was forced to impose the maximum sentence.”


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